And CNN legitimately wonders why they keep getting hammered with the label of ‘fake news.’

Political commentator Ana Navarro tweeted a photo designed to prove a point about President Trump and Republicans just being a bunch of old white men deciding what happens in America.

“10 old straight white men met in Camp David to set the legislative agenda for America,” she wrote, accompanied by an image of Trump and a group of congressmen and administrative members.

She then corrects the record, facetiously noting that “Paul Ryan isn’t old” and that “Trump leans more towards orangey hues.”

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Get it? Ha Ha Ha!

Problem being, there weren’t only white men in attendance.

Navarro appears to have removed the above tweet. Any guesses why?

Because the full-width shot of those speaking at the podium includes a woman. Not just any woman, but a very prominent woman in the Administration – Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen.


Navarro had to sheepishly retract her original tweet but still managed to downplay it by saying it was just one woman.

“Correction: 10 older white men and one woman met in Camp David to set the legislative agenda for America 2018,” she wrote. “Yup. So very representative.”


One woman? Well, Ana, you’re not exactly correct on that front either. Education Secretary Betsy Devos was also in attendance at Camp David.

Oh, also, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was there.


Good try though.


CNN used a woman who is a fake Republican – she voted for Hillary Clinton – to promote a fake image and create a fake story about supposedly anti-women Republicans.

How CNN of them.

Is it any wonder they are the current world champions of fake news?

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