CNN Pushing Story That Islam Was Part of Founding of America

Recent CNN broadcasts have begun pushing the notion that Islam is a fundamentally American religion that helped in the founding of our nation.

Anchors such as W. Kamau Bell and Dean Obeidallah have been using the specious argument that because Muslims were present during Revolutionary times, they therefore were actively involved in the founding.

Islam is “not” a foreign religion one guest tells Bell, “It’s very American.”

“It was actually part of the creation of the United States of America,” Obeidallah himself claims in another segment.

Via Breitbart:

“Islam has always been part of the American fabric,” one Muslim man in Detroit tells Bell at an anti-Trump event. “A lot of people think that Islam is from a foreign country, or is a foreign religion. It’s not — it’s very American.” He goes on to criticize “those more violent voices in our society” — and he does not mean radical Islamists. Bell is so impressed that he asks the man, “When are you running for mayor?”, comparing him to a “young Barack Obama.”

For CNN, the argument that Islam has “always” been present in the U.S. rests largely on the claim that a significant minority of black slaves were Muslim. On Saturday, CNN correspondent Dean Obeidallah claimed that “Islam has been here since the time of slavery, because ten to fifteen percent of the African slaves brought were Muslim. So Islam was here before the creation of the United States. It was actually part of the creation of the United States of America.”

As Joel Pollak explains, CNN is painting Muslims as victims of the slave trade while ignoring their role in helping the practice thrive.

Moreover, the Founders have consistently been quoted as wary of the prophet Mohammed.

John Adams referred to Mohammed as a “military fanatic” along the lines of Napoleon, adding he “was a usurper, lawless, and arrogated everything to himself by the force of arms.”

His son, John Quincy Adams, described Mohammed as “the fraudulent spirit of an impostor” who espoused violence and “degrad(ed) the condition” of women.

Thomas Jefferson, as President in 1801, sent the Navy and early Marine force to the Barbary Coast to stop Islamic pirates’ reign of terror on U.S. merchant ships.

He had determined that the Muslim holy book commanded the faithful to “plunder and enslave” non-Muslims.

Historian David Barton said he has seen no evidence supporting Muslims as part of the founding.

“In all the reading I’ve done, thousands of books, there’s nothing there,” Barton said during a 2015 interview with Glenn Beck.

While the Founders were certainly focused on tolerance for all religions, there is little to no evidence that they looked to Islam as a foundation for our nation.

CNN needs to disengage in their revisionist history reports on our nation’s founding.

Was Islam part of our nation’s founding? Tell us what you think below. 

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