CNN Profiled an Illegal Facing Deportation – He’s Now Accused of Killing a Father of Five

This past January, as a government shutdown battle was ongoing due to Democrats unwillingness to compromise on border security, CNN profiled Miguel Ramirez Valiente, an illegal from El Salvador forced to avoid deportation by taking shelter in a church.

On August 2nd, Ramirez Valiente reportedly struck and killed a father of five while driving despite a revoked license.

Sean Buchanan, according to Colorado State Patrol troopers, was riding his motorcycle on Highway 83 in Colorado Springs when Ramirez Valiente swerved recklessly into his lane and killed him.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, signed legislation in May that granted driver’s licenses to residents of the state, regardless of their immigration status.

“No matter where you come from you should be able to drive to work and take your kids to school without fear,” state Senator Dominick Moreno, also a Democrat, said at the time of the bill signing.

Buchanan, his wife, and his five children should have been able to live their lives without fear of this happening too.

Despite a prior criminal record and no license, El Salvadoran illegal Miguel Valiente hit and killed an American in Denver killing a father of five

He never should have been in the country in the first place

RT if you’re sick of Americans dying at the hands of illegal aliens!

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) August 9, 2019


Surely the media and leftists will now head to Buchanan’s home where they will interview his wife and speak to the children, asking them what it’s like to grieve the loss of one’s husband and father because of an illegal immigrant.

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Ramirez Valiente Was Sympathetically Covered by CNN

If you do a search of CNN’s website, you’ll find coverage of Ramirez Valiente but it’s not about this tragic killing.

Despite having a week to cover the story, there is no mention of Buchanan or his family. There is a story from several months back in which the illegal alien is profiled trying to escape the clutches of ICE agents while he hid in a church for safety.

“An undocumented [illegal] immigrant in Colorado says he’s taken shelter in a church because the government shutdown leaves him with no other choice,” CNN bemoaned. “Miguel Ramirez Valiente is facing a deportation order – but his lawyer says right now he has no way to fight it.”

Ironically, the extreme-left network then spoke about his family in an attempt to drum up sympathy.

“My three children and I are terrified that he will be deported,” Alisha Ramirez Valiente is quoted as saying. “His children need him. So do I.”

Let’s see if CNN gets around to speaking with Buchanan’s wife, who would no doubt agree with those last seven words.

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Could Have Been Prevented

Aside from the obvious reality that had Ramirez Valiente never entered the country illegally or was deported as he should have been, his acquaintances are coming forward to say he wasn’t quite the sympathetic person CNN made him out to be.

He had arrests for reckless endangerment in 2011 and 2016, along with a guilty plea of driving under the influence in 2017.

One day prior to killing Buchanan, Ramirez Valiente had his probation for that same DUI extended due to his not having completed community service and alcohol therapy according to ABC Denver.

“This family deserves to know who they’re dealing with,” a close acquaintance of Ramirez Valiente said of the Buchanans. “He’s an alcoholic and an abuser.”

And he never should have been in the damn country to begin with. Where’s the justice for Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan and their children, Democrats?

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