Will Joe Biden defeat President Trump?


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BERMAN: “All right bloons td 5 zum herunterladen. Breaking news. CNN has a brand-new poll out. Three minutes ago we released it. It shows where the Democratic candidates stand, not against each other but against president Donald Trump in a potential 2020 race need for speed kostenlos downloaden vollversion pc. CNN’s sneior politics writer and analyst Harry Enten is here to tell us how those Democrats are doing. And there’s been some movement.”

ENTEN: “There has definitely been some movement the cycle herunterladen. So take a look here. So, this is our new poll right now, folks. Our new poll. What do we see? We see Joe Biden up by five points. 49 to 44 over Donald Trump free cut pattern download baby hat. Bernie Sanders up 49 to 45. Elizabeth Warren well within a margin of error, just up a point. And Pete Buttigieg actually down a point but again within the margin of error xbox spielen. Now take a look at how that compares to October. Back in October, Biden was up by ten, so his lead has been cut in half. Bernie Sanders was up by nine, his lead has been cut by more than a half amazon cloud bilder herunterladen. And Warren was up eight and now she’s only up one. And Buttigieg was up six, and now he is down one. This is massive movement toward the president of the United States, at least in our poll at this particular point.”

CAMEROTA: “Do we have any sense of why?”