That is, most assuredly, not the job of the media.

David Zurawik, a media critic for the Baltimore Sun, took President Trump to task over his recent controversial comments regarding his fair city.

Trump blasted Rep. Elijah Cummings’ and his Baltimore congressional district, accurately describing it as “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.”

The Sun responded by saying in their best playground voice, “Better to have a few rats than to be one.”

CNN Guest Is Angry

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Zurawik took umbrage with Trump’s comments, appearing on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ and referring to the President as “a sick person” who is “so far down this road of evil” that he can’t change his allegedly racist behavior.

Evil? Was it evil when Bernie Sanders called Baltimore a “third world country”?

Was it evil when previous Democratic Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh complained about rats in the city and said of the uninhabited areas, “We should just take all this s*** down”?

Of course not. Only when the same words and phrases are used by President Trump do they become ‘evil’ or ‘racist.’

So what is Zurawik’s solution to stopping the so-called evil?

Wants to Change the Election

In what Caleb Howe of the Blaze described as an “unprecedented display of absolute clueless lack of self-awareness,” Zurawik went on CNN and suggested the only way to prove the media isn’t biased against the President is to “change voters’ minds for 2020.”

Think about that for a minute. Zurawik wants you to believe the media does not have a political bent to them … by changing Trump supporters minds?



“Brian, we’re not going to correct him,” Zurawik frets. “He’s not going to change. He’s so far down this road of evil, he’s not going to change. We can change voters’ minds for 2020, that’s what we can do if we keep speaking forcefully, and we talk about morality.”

We’re Not Biased – Honest!

Zurawik said this on a show called ‘Reliable Sources.’ He said this on a network that just had to wash their hands of an anti-Semitic photo editor who was caught celebrating deaths in Jerusalem following a terrorist attack.

He said it on a network that has perpetually been caught fabricating fake news over the years.

“Journalists do not talk enough about morality, because we think people will think we’re biased,” Zurawik adds. “No. We need to keep talking about it because we have an amoral President and administration right now.”

Honestly, your best bet is to talk less. Opine less. Report the facts. But that’s just a pipe dream. Zurawik’s assessment, while shocking on a fundamental level, is exactly what the liberal media has been doing, or trying to do, for years – change people’s minds.

They’re absolutely livid that President Trump is the first person they really failed to beat by doing that.

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CNN Panelist: It's the Media's Job to Change Voters Minds in 2020
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CNN Panelist: It's the Media's Job to Change Voters Minds in 2020
David Zurawik, a media critic for the Baltimore Sun, suggested it is the job of journalists to change the minds of voters in the upcoming election.
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