Is it any wonder why CNN has been the top network in which the label ‘fake news’ has stuck?

The once self-proclaimed ‘most trusted name in news’ went to bat for the Democrats, trying to portray them as the party of peace, prayer, and unity.

But, much like the mighty Casey once did, CNN struck out.

In covering yesterday’s congressional baseball game, a game that comes in the wake of a targeted political terrorist attack against Republicans that left congressman Steve Scalise critically wounded, along with four others, a compelling on-field moment was captured .

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Lawmakers praying together on the infield dirt.

This is how CNN chose to describe it …


Unfortunately, that is a tremendously flawed analysis.

It was members of both parties that gathered on the field to pray. Not just Democrats. It was a bipartisan moment in which both sides deserved praise.

Here is Fox News accurately describing the scene…

It took no time at all for viewers to call CNN to task for the blatant dishonesty.


It took nearly 15 hours, but CNN finally issued a begrudging correction to the erroneous tweet.


Simply, incredible.

Do you think CNN mislabeled their coverage intentionally? Share your thoughts below!