CNN Discovers Crime Rate in Town Requiring Gun Ownership Is Incredibly Low

CNN, of all places, stumbled upon a story about gun control that throws the entire liberal argument that more guns lead to more violence into complete disarray.

The story involves the town of Kennesaw, Georgia, which has a unique law on its books that many believe dates back to its founding, but was only enacted in 1982.

Kennesaw, with its population of 33,000 residents, requires some citizens to own a gun.

The law states that “every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition.”

Local law says that “every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm” in Kennesaw, Georgia

— CNN (@CNN) March 8, 2018


With every liberal media outlet declaring that guns themselves cause violence, one would have to assume that Kennesaw looks like an old Wild West town, shootouts at the local bar, duels at high noon.

What CNN discovered, however, would likely startle every gun-grabber in America.

“Today, Kennesaw, a town of about 33,000 people,” CNN reported, “has had one murder in the last six years and a violent crime rate of below 2%.”

Kennesaw Georgia values their #2A right.Every head of household is required to maintain a firearm! From handguns to AR-15’s with 33,000 plus people,1 murder in 6 yrs.Crime rate of 2% . God I love America!!!CNN

— Chris Moore (@ChrisMo37540912) March 7, 2018


CNN couched their findings by saying “it’s unclear whether that has anything to do with the gun law,” while other leftist fact-checking outlets have declared the story false due to it being impossible to draw a correlation.

Yep, it surely is a mystery why nobody in a town full of potential gun-owners is trying to commit violent crimes. Must be the water.

Here’s the kicker: The report indicates that local police rarely enforce the law requiring firearm ownership. It’s the deterrent, criminals knowing that the town of Kennesaw and in fact, any property within that town, is not a gun-free zone.

Kennesaw Mayor Derek Easterling explained, “If you’re going to commit a crime in Kennesaw and you’re the criminal — are you going to take a chance that that homeowner is a law-abiding citizen (owns a gun)?”

Exactly. And by extension, if you’re a deranged shooter who wants to kill students in a school, are you going to take a chance that resource officers, retired veterans, or even school teachers are armed? You’ll sure as hell think twice. Those violent incidents would drop, no doubt.

Do you think gun ownership deters criminals? Would you like to see mandatory gun laws in your town? Share your thoughts below!

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