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Yesterday was an attempt to go after CNN in particular I believe and the press in general herunterladen. The fact is we’re not fake media. We’re here to do the job. Respect the job and we respect yours. If you’re not going to respect us we need to speak up from youtube musik.
>> Chris, at what point does this become dangerous —
>> We’re past that.
>> — As in the social fabric, dangerous that a journalist gets hurt herunterladen. I can tell you working overseas in war Zones, people are emboldened by the actions of this administration and all out declaration by the media, if I’m getting it in the neck, I can only imagine what a person like you is dealing with fortnite herunterladen pc deutsch. At what point does this become irresponsible, Chris?
>> I don’t want to say we’re past that point.
>> We are past that point Remac os.
>> I think it is already dangerous what the trump Administration is doing, which is defiance points, they are trying to taken an honest mistake or not even a mistake, and turn it into the norm as opposed — the rule opposed to the exception, which is a very dangerous thing because that’s wilfully misleading schriftart herunterladen windows 10. The idea that Dave Farenthold, my colleague a long time and doesn’t toot his horn enough, the idea he was attacked for doing what he did, had nothing to do with the quality of the journalism he was doing youtube songs kostenlos herunterladen. It was 100% about it was a bad story for Donald Trump. In Donald Trump’s world the media is judged by you are good if you write things that are good for Donald Trump thunderbird zertifikat herunterladen web.de. You are objectively bad if you criticize Donald Trump. It is not our job to be liked by Donald Trump. It is not our job to report the news. As Sean Spicer said and Sarah said it yesterday, you guys ignore the news that’s important herunterladen. You know, I do think the Russian hacking of an election is important news.
>> Right.
>> We can debate collusion. They’re right, there’s no evidence of that diamanten spiele kostenlosen als vollversion. This is about the broader part. About a charitable organization that didn’t give to charity for the man who was running to be the president of the united States. It doesn’t have to do with the fact Donald Trump is a Republican. I guarantee you, because I know Dave personally, if it was a Hillary Clinton doing this he would have done the same thing. That’s what’s maddening.
>> To your point earlier you were asking about safety, think about that, how many reporters have died for the cause, I’ve been jailed, 12 of us have gone to jail to protect the first amendment. People beaten, our newspapers after Donald Trump’s election, we’ve gotten threats from the far left and far right. They are emboldened, it is dangerous and it is insulting to the memory of the people who have given their lives for the cause of providing information to the public to then be told you are fake media, you do not matter and everything you’re doing is false. Every one of us should stand up against that. It is undermining the first amendment, making it dangerous for reporters. You’re absolutely right, there will come a time, it won’t be too far off I surmise we will see a reporter faze physical harm because of this.
>> It wouldn’t make the situation better. I’m in no rush to change positions with claressa ward, because I will take on the president of the United States versus being in a war zone. You did something that was brave.