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STARR: “Good evening, Anderson herunterladen. We are now able to report that U.S. air strikes have been launched against Bashar al-Assad, chemical weapons capability. We are being told by a senior official at this hour that approximately 50 Tomahawk missiles from two U.S herunterladen. navy warships in the Mediterranean launched earlier this evening. They are striking, we are told, airfields. This was the limited option that you and I spoke about earlier herunterladen. The airfields where Bashar al-Assad’s air force launched those war planes that struck and killed those people in northern Syria in that horrific attack herunterladen. These Tomahawk cruise missiles have a particular military advantage. They can fly to evade Syrian air defenses. You don’t put a pilot at risk. They’re not manned herunterladen. This was one of the two options presented to the President. There was a more extensive target list, but this is thought in military circles that we’re talking to to be the option that essentially sends a message to Assad that Donald Trump and the U.S herunterladen. are now willing to use military force. So will it be enough right away to get him to change his behavior? We don’t know.”

COOPER: “Barbara, let me — for those just joining, you’re saying the bottom line, you’re saying 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles have been fired?”

STARR: “Yes fußball manager 2019 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. We are getting very early word from officials. I will tell you there is a briefing going on at this hour. We expect more information shortly.”