Is There a Media Double Standard When it Comes to Covering Trump Compared to Obama?

KERNEN: “The Democrats — it was probably a good move to this whole impeachment stuff, because if they’ve had to talk about the economy and didn’t have the impeachment to talk about — they really want to focus on impeachment for the next couple of weeks, I would say. That’s what I would do. But sooner or later, they’re going to run out of that. Anyway, let’s bring in the markets.”

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QUICK: “Lori Heinel is here, she’s the deputy global chief investment officer at State Street Global Advisors. And Lori, these numbers stronger than expected. What’s it make you think about the markets?”

HEINEL: “Well, first of all, yeah, it was pretty strong across the board, not just the print but also some of the revisions from past month.”