This Clip of Hillary Catching Bill Clinton In the Act of Ogling Melania Is the Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

Slick Willie got caught checking out the ladies once again.

During inauguration ceremonies earlier today, the former President known as much for his wandering eyes, hands, and everything else, as he is for his presidency, got caught leering at someone in the crowd.

Many are reporting that he was ogling Melania Trump.

Clinton is seen in the video below staring for quite some time, when Hillary turns to catch him in the act. It takes a bit of time before Bill turns to see her staring at him and he immediately looks away with a sheepish expression. Hillary gives a look of ‘same ol’ Bill,’ rolls her eyes, shakes her head, and continues on with a fake smile, paying attention to the proceedings.

Watch the clip below – It’s hilarious!

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