Clinton’s Friends Tried To Give Her Xanax After Crushing Loss

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s friends told her to take Xanax and see therapists after her loss in the 2016 presidential election, The New Yorker reported Wednesday.

After President Donald Trump won the election in November, Clinton stayed out of the public eye. She reportedly did not want to hear anything about why she lost, or how she lost, and also was not looking for any sympathy.

“She listened with a tight, patient smile as people recommended Xanax and gave her the names of their marvelous therapists,” reporter David Remnick wrote.

Clinton’s friends would continue to tell her to “keep going” and would always remind her of her “determination,” but she reportedly didn’t want to hear it and became angry, confused, bitter, and sad. When asked how she got through the day after being so upset, Clinton responded, “Chardonnay helped.”

Another way Clinton got through the stress of losing the election was by practicing “alternate-nostril breathing,” a form of yoga that is supposed to relieve tension and stress.

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