It’s like waving a Milk-Bone in the face of your beloved dog, patting them on the head saying ‘good boy,’ and then walking away without giving them the treat Ringtone schalke download.

That’s how the lapdog media was treated earlier this week by Hillary Clinton.

First, she waved chocolate candy in the face of her beloved media, patted them on the head by calling them “so wonderful, so cooperative, so hard-working,” and then walked away without giving them any of their treats herunterladen!

All in an attempt to avoid questions about her speech trying to portray Donald Trump as a racist.

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If you think we’re kidding, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried netflix film wil niet.


Via Fox News Insider:

Hillary Clinton said in an interview last night that she would have more interactions with reporters the sims 1 kostenlos deutsch. But today in Reno, she seemed only to want to give them chocolate.

After giving a speech where she accused Donald Trump of embracing racism, reporters tried to ask her about the speech and why she didn’t outright call Trump a racist film youtube downloaden ipad.

But instead of acknowledging the questions, Clinton kept talking about the chocolate from a local shop.

“I want you to offer some to the press,” Clinton said with a mouthful of chocolate truffle kostenloser musiker app. “They are so wonderful, so cooperative, so hard-working. They deserve a piece of chocolate.”

She continued talking over the reporters about how the chocolate was “so good” before walking away magentacloud app herunterladen.

It’s one thing to be talked down to by the woman you love, but the media lapdogs didn’t even get their treats for being “so cooperative” for Clinton herunterladen.

Seth Richardson, a reporter for the Reno Gazette-Journal, repeatedly complained on Twitter that none of the so-called ‘journalists’ got their chocolate myt material v5 herunterladen.


It’s hard to tell who’s more pathetic here – Hillary for thinking she can avoid questions by offering chocolates to reporters, or the reporters for being “so cooperative” and not really pursuing any of those questions.