Clinton Foundation to Shut Down? Yea, Not So Fast

To listen to James Carville, the Clinton Foundation is not only not a pneumatic tube by which the Clintons suck millions from donors seeking access. It is a noble institution that saves lives globally. Yeah, and if you believe that, baldy has a bridge he wants to sell you.

Anyway, rather than explain all the good work the foundation does — which frankly should be a cake walk for a smooth talker like Bill Clinton — the former president has promised he will quit the foundation if his wife wins in November. And since Hillary will have her hands full destroying running the country, the foundation will effectively cease operations, right?

Not so fast. Remember that there is another Clinton on the board, who is ready to step in and keep the circus running.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Chelsea Clinton plans to remain on the board of the Clinton Foundation if her mother, Hillary Clinton, is elected president this fall, a foundation spokesman said Wednesday.

Ms. Clinton’s plans to remain on the board … raises more questions for the charity formed by her father, former President Bill Clinton.


A spokeswoman for Chelsea Clinton said the former first daughter plans to remain on the board because she “is committed to ensuring that those benefiting from the foundation’s work will be able to continue receiving that often-life-changing help.”

So far, the Clintons are following the Carville script. In the next paragraph, however, the other shoe drops:

[T]he statement from the spokeswoman for Ms. Clinton left unclear whether she would continue to raise money for the foundation, which would be scaled back significantly if Hillary Clinton wins in November. It said Chelsea Clinton was remaining on the board to “steward the implementation of changes,” including “new fundraising policies.”

The Daily Mail raises the very trenchant question of whether that fundraising will include foreign and corporate cash, which would represent an enormous conflict of interest for a President Hillary Clinton.


Written by Ben Bowles and cross-posted at Liberty Unyielding

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