Clinton Goes With Class Warfare By Campaigning At A Bowling Alley

Speaking at an Iowa bowling alley to presumably relay to the common folk, Hillary Clinton challenged Republicans to stand up for the wealthy against “our own people.”

Because Republicans you see are all rich people, while Democrats relate to the downtrodden.

“Here is what I would like to see,” Clinton said to a crowd of people wearing velcro wrist braces.  “I’d like to see members of Congress stand up and say, ‘You know, I think I’ll protect the one person making $5 million or more in my congressional district, instead of making college affordable, or instead of doing paid family leave, or instead of investing in new jobs.”

She added, “You want to stand with the wealthy against our own people? Let’s take it to them.”

Who exactly are “our own people?”  As President, wouldn’t Hillary represent all Americans – from the wealthiest to the poorest?

According to an analysis by Money Nation, Hillary’s net-worth is roughly $31.3 million while her husband adds an additional $80 million.

$111 million total, yet she claims the mantle of being able to relate to low- or middle-income families.

After speaking to the crowd of bowlers, Clinton further solidified her common people credentials by removing her shoes and spraying them with deodorizer.

If it’s not clear, we made that part up.

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