Remember Chris Lee, the New York Republican who resigned within hours after it was discovered that he sent shirtless photos of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist musik kostenlosen legal ohne anmeldung?

Lee rightfully exited the polticial scene, not wishing to embarrass his party or more importantly, his family.

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Democrats however, thrive on embarrassment, being the party that rarely adheres to morals, and most certainly ignores them when they’re caught up in scandal.  The War on Women is alive and real in New York, and Democrats lack the moral compass to call out their colleagues embroiled in scandal herunterladen.

There are no calls for Sheldon Silver’s resignation despite using taxpayer money to cover up sexual harassment complaints against Vito Lopez.  There is little outrage when Lopez then campaigns for city council.  There is little outrage when a man in Eliot Spitzer, who used government resources and agendas as Governor to pull off high-priced trysts with call girls, runs for city comptroller free movies download android.

And now, there is utter silence when Anthony Weiner, a serial abuser of the eyes, is caught sexting and sending pictures of his junk to random women on the internet komoot tours on garmin.

For example, Chuch Schumer, what say you?


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In fact, when it was first being realized that Weiner was an internet pervert, Schumer aligned himself with his colleague, calling the former Congressman “a person of integrity.”

The NRSC released this statement on the Democrats willfully ignoring the perpetual assault on women in New York:

Democrats created and exploited the term, “War on Women” for political gain for the better part of a year.  Now that their own party is caught in the midst of multiple scandals involving sexual harassment, assault, and predatory actions against women, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is refusing to condemn any of the vulgar and offensive mistreatment photoshop formen kostenlos. During their time together in Washington, Schumer considered Weiner a protégé, and even called the disgraceful ex-Congressman “a man of integrity,” after the initial sexting scandal was public song gratisen.

Schumer, the real Democratic Senate Leader, joins fellow New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, former New York Senator Hillary Clinton, and former President Bill Clinton in refusing to condemn actions that most normal citizens find reprehensible kostenloses brennprogramm downloaden.

“Condemning sexual assault and harassment shouldn’t be controversial simply because the predator is someone of a certain persuasion, but Chuck Schumer – the most powerful Democratic Senator – actually refuses to do it,” said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen.  “Chuck Schumer has based Senate Democrats’ 2014 electoral strategy entirely on exploiting the manufactured ‘War on Women,’ yet when it comes time to actually defend real women – actual victims of harassment, they are nowhere to be found libreoffice kostenlos vollversion deutsch. Schumer and his fellow Democrats can’t be trusted to defend women when they are needed most, a sad reality that is now on full display for all to see.”

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We know that Democrats don’t care about the mistreatment of women in New York.  The question is, when will voters start to care herunterladen?