CBS Caught Using Fake Footage Of Italian Emergency Room To Show Conditions In New York

This SNAFU is right up there with ABC using edited Kentucky gun range video to depict bombings in Syria. cbs caught using footage

Continuing in the CBS tradition of fake news established by Dan Rather during the 2004 presidential election—in their rush to find ways to tell Orange Man Bad stories, CBS news aired bogus footage to ramp up American’s fear levels.

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See the hospital footage CBS is using in their clip? You’d think that it was filmed in some crisis-wracked hospital in New York, right?

After all, it IS a news outlet reporting about the crisis as it relates to Americans, right?


Look again. This time, compare the picture above with the one below. Notice any similarities?


Yeah. So did we. The second photo is from this clip.


That clip was taken in Italy.

Now granted NYC makes the best Pizza in the world, but that doesn’t make it Italy.

Of course, we’re all supposed to accept these clowns as ‘reputable news sources.’

Sure they are.

Here’s a brutal side-by-side of the video clips:


Perhaps CBS didn’t want to send a cameraman into a NY hospital to get sick filming, so they just grabbed some from a Sky News Italy report.  That isn’t the bad part, what makes it unacceptable is that CBS News didn’t tell their viewers.

There is a bright side though, at least their CoronaVirus coverage wasn’t produced by Jussie Smollett.

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