Sure it’s just a humorous cartoon – but how far away from reality is this really?

A teacher in Georgia recently found herself in hot water for comparing a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt in school to wearing a swastika.

The absurd analogy garnered an apology from the school who admitted the teacher had acted “inappropriately.”

Inappropriately, but was it all that out of the liberal educator mainstream way of thinking? Probably not.

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The following cartoon shows what far-left teachers would be perfectly okay with seeing in their schools, while simultaneously trying to weed out anybody supporting a pro-America message.

It is pure and utter insanity, but again, may hit close to reality.

Take a look …


Think about this for a minute – If you saw the scene above play out in real life at a local school, would it shock you? It might be appalling, but would you genuinely be taken back?

It’s such a good cartoon too. From the Che Guevara t-shirt, to the ‘Philosophy of the Left’ paper with a grade resembling that of an anarchy symbol or Antifa logo.

Spot on.

Educators have long been a bastion of liberal/socialist/communist ideology, many confessing to being big fans of brutal oppressors like Che.

Incidentally, you know who else doesn’t mind images of Che? This guy …


Humberto Fontova of Townhall explains that while Guevara remains a hero to the left, he is in reality a hardcore, murderous oppressor.

When asked about firing squads used on his political adversaries, Che Guevara addressed the U.N. General Assembly in 1964 by exclaiming “Executions? Certainly we execute!”

He also, to the claps and cheers of the crowd, predicted “We will continue executing as long as it is necessary! This is a war to the death against the revolution’s enemies!”

Now that’s the guy you want to celebrate, eh libs?

Instead, they excoriate President Trump for daring to express his desire to “Make America Great Again.”


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