Carpetbagging 101: Eldridge Not Living In District In Which He’s Running

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and his husband, congressional candidate Sean Eldridge have been listing their home address at Garrison, New York on campaign donations filed with the FEC.  Garrison is in New York’s 18th congressional district. Eldridge (D) is currently running against Republican Chris Gibson in the 19th congressional district.

Via the Free Beacon:

Notice that Hughes lists his home address as Garrison, N.Y. That’s interesting, because as Free Beacon readers are well aware, Hughes’s husband, Facebook spouse Sean Eldridge, is running for Congress (as a Democrat) in New York’s 19th congressional district.

Except Garrison isn’t in the district where Eldridge is running. The Facebook couple purchased the estate in Garrison—for $5 million—back in 2011 when Eldridge had his eyes on a congressional seat in the nearby 18th district. But that didn’t pan out, so the couple bought another house, this one for $1.9 million, in Shokan, N.Y., so Eldridge could run in the 19th.

Is this just an awkward oversight? Or are Hughes and Eldridge living in separate mansions just so Eldridge can run for Congress?

The home Hughes has listed in Garrison is one that the couple bought to establish residency in NY-18 for the 2012 election. Unfortunately for Eldridge, he was not constitutionally eligible to run in 2012.  The couple then purchased the Shokan home so he could run in NY-19.

NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior responded to the dual residency issues:

Sean Eldridge is so arrogant and convinced of his scheme to buy a Congressional election that he is not even trying to hide the fact that he isn’t living in the 19th District of New York. Maybe Eldridge thinks his $2 million NY-19 mansion isn’t as comfortable as his $5 million NY-18 mansion, but Eldridge’s open contempt for the place he supposedly wants to represent is appalling.

Gibson is a lifelong resident of the district.

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