Candid Admission: Democrats Say PA Voter ID Law Could Cost Obama Election

What does it say about your party when doing things illegally (voting, citizenship) is perceived to be the only way to win elections?

Beltway Confidential:

Pennsylvania’s voter identification law could sink President Obama’s reelection campaign, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

“Pennsylvania’s new ‘voter I.D.’ law could literally decide the fate of President Obama’s re-election,” wrote DCCC field director Brynne Craig. “It’s not the first time that Republicans have tried to suppress the vote — but in an election this close, it could be the tipping point that delivers the Presidency to Mitt Romney.”

Allow me to serve as proofreader – the phrase ‘suppress the vote’ should have read ‘suppress the illegal vote’.  That one is free.

Anyway, the Dems can’t even use their usual talking point in Pennsylvania – that poor minority groups would be unable to attain the necessary ID – because it is free and can be obtained months ahead of the election. 

The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is creating a new voter ID card that is free for people without other forms of ID.

“As we work to ensure that Pennsylvanians have the identification they need to vote this fall, this new card will provide another photo ID option for voters,” Commonwealth Secretary Carol Aichele said earlier this week. “Everyone who needs ID to vote will be able to get it months before the election.”

The only way to interpret the statement that voter ID law could sink the President’s re-election bid, is that the Democrat party feels they need as many illegal votes as possible to have a chance.

This isn’t the first time Democrats have admitted to this.  In January, the Congressional Black Caucus had this to say:

The Congressional Black Caucus on Monday night took to the House floor to charge that voter ID laws popping up around the country are aimed at dissuading minority voters from voting, and making it harder for President Obama to win re-election.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) added that supporters of these laws have made the “misrepresentation” that there was fraud in the 2008 election, “maybe because we elected the first African American president.”

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) also drew a connection to these laws and Obama’s election, and said he’s not sure if the laws are being advanced due to “the color of the President” or because Obama “received record-breaking participation by the very same people that they’re making it difficult to vote.”

It takes tunnel vision for a person to believe that voter ID laws are racist or an act of minority suppression.

It takes a candid admission – albeit, inadvertently – to believe that proving your identity can only harm supporters of President Obama.

In short form – doing things legally is a detriment to the left.

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