Can the Governor of New York and 2016 Presidential Hopeful Actually Be this Thick?

In reading up on Governor Cuomo’s new gun legislation in New York, I came across a rather startling statement.  Startling in it’s pure and utter stupidity.

And in what Cuomo termed “the Webster Provision” — a reference to the Dec. 24 killings of two firefighters fatally shot while responding to a call in a suburb of Rochester — the murder of a first responder will become a felony punishable by life in prison without parole.

That’s right, a future Presidential hopeful for 2016 is actually bragging about a provision in his gun law named specifically for one individual gun man, even thought that provision could never – EVER – be applied to that gun man.

Completely ignored by the Governor and the Times Union report is the not-so-trivial fact that the man who ambushed and killed the firefighters in Webster, fatally shot himself long before police could ever locate him.

Mr. Cuomo, enlighten the citizens of New York please, and explain how would the Webster Provision have been implemented in the case of say, the actual Webster shooting? Just how much of a f*** do you think the shooter would care about this new law, considering he … is … dead?

Perhaps this is just too much of an abstract way of thinking, but there aren’t too many dead people that I know of that are concerned about spending their non-existent life in prison without parole.

Could any media types please ask that question of the Governor? How would the WEBSTER provision have stopped, or appropriately punished the actual WEBSTER shooter?

I’m not sure which is the bigger problem in this country right now – low information voters, or low information politicians.

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