The Campaign Song That Will Give You Nightmares

A group seeking to draft the services of Elizabeth Warren for President has put together a cute little campaign song for the Senator called Run, Liz, Run. And by cute, we mean stomach-churning, god-awful, weapons grade dreadfulness.

The song and video, which appears to be a genuine and serious effort, was filmed at Netroots Nation this past weekend in Detroit. The performers are Jessie Murphy and friends, and the video was directed by The Self Agency.

The description for the video states:

Our campaign to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for President in 2016 is gaining huge momentum. Warren came to Netroots Nation in Detroit and #ReadyForWarren was there to greet her in style alongside thousands of grassroots progressives.

Americans of all stripes are calling for a leader who will fight for an America that works for all of us, not only the wealthy and the well-connected. Join us.

With catchy lyrics such as:

Americans want our next President to be a woman,

Hey babe, here’s looking at you Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The planet is warming and the power is shifting,

We need a leader who won’t stand for all the Wall Street bullshit, the lobbyist grifting.

Shakespearean, no doubt.  And the lyrics just get better after that.

So you’re rich, that’s fantastic and God bless.

But there’s just a couple of things Liz Warren won’t let you forget.

Nobody got rich on their own, not nobody,

Everybody needs bridges and streets to succeed.

It’s like they took a ‘you didn’t build that’ Warren speech and actually made it worse … by adding song.

For those of you with squeamish stomachs, we urge you to turn away. For those fans that enjoy the horror movie genre and don’t mind losing substantial IQ points, watch the video below.

This post first appeared at Headline Politics

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