Business Owners That Turned Away Lesbian Couple’s Wedding Request Due to Religious Beliefs, Hauled in Front of Human Rights Commission

The owners of Liberty Ridge Farms in Schaghticoke, New York found themselves in front of a Human Right Commission earlier today, having to defend their religious beliefs to a law judge, because they would not perform a same-sex wedding at their establishment.

Via the Times Union:

While much of the state’s political/pundit class is post-morteming the elections, another big story is starting to bubble up through the state’s Human Rights Commission on Wednesday.

Melissa and Jennifer McCarthy had earlier filed a Human Rights complaint against Liberty Ridge Farms in Rensselaer County after its owners said they wouldn’t host their same-sex wedding.

The two sides and their lawyers — Arthur Eisenberg and Mariko Hirose from the Civil Liberties Union, and James Trainor representing Liberty Ridge owners Robert and Cynthia Gifford — are squaring off before Administrative Law Judge Migdalia Pares here in Albany.

While the plaintiffs contend that they shouldn’t have been turned away due to their sexual orientation, the defendants are expected to argue that their religious beliefs prevent them from accommodating same-sex weddings at the Schaghticoke farm, which rents out a barn and tent area for such occasions.

Question to ponder:  Why is a Human Rights Commission only interested in the rights of the lesbian couple, but not equally fighting for the religious rights of the farm owners?

The McCarthys no longer reside in New York, but have taken up the noble fight on behalf of other lesbian couples.  In other words, they’re looking for a payday.


New York

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