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‘BULLS**T!’ Hot Mic Catches Larry Kudlow Raging at Kamala Harris for False Claim About Vaccines

Do you support Joe Biden as president?

SMITH: “I love it. And by the way—“

ROBERTS: “Looking forward to it, Larry.”

SMITH: “I can’t wait to see how you cover the GameStop story, too. But that growing retail participation in the stock market, I think it’s huge.”

KUDLOW: “I’m good with it, but they better understand what goes up can go down.”

SMITH: “It’s a great point. All right, we’ll be watching tonight.”

ROBERTS: “Good to have you as a colleague, Larry.”

KUDLOW: “Thank you, thank you.”

SMITH: “Absolutely. And coming up on America Reports, we’ll take a look at why there could be a potential conflict of interest for one of the World Health Organization’s investigative team members, why this is raising some serious questions over the probe into the origins of this global pandemic, plus this.”

[Clip starts]

HARRIS: “In many ways we are — we’re starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year.”

[Clip ends]

SMITH: “That was —“

KUDLOW: “Bullsh*t.”

SMITH: “— Vice President —“

KUDLOW: “Bullsh*t. Bullsh*t.”

SMITH: “— Kamala Harris making some false claims about the administration’s —“

KUDLOW: “Unbelievable false —“

SMITH: “And that is Larry Kudlow weighing in.”

KUDLOW: “Apparently, they took the —“

SMITH: “Wow.”

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