‘Build the Wall’ and ‘Trump’ Jerseys at NBA Game Send Liberals Over the Edge

A pair of friends attending an NBA basketball game in Sacramento raised the ire of liberals by sporting jerseys that read ‘Build the Wall‘ and ‘Trump.’

The duo said their jerseys were more about getting laughs than making any kind of political statement.

Naturally, nobody who was actually in attendance at the game paid any mind to the good-natured joke. It was only after they had been photographed and social media snowflakes caught wind of it that things started to explode.

“At the venue nobody really said anything except smiles and laughs, they thought it was funny,” Daniel Goldsmith, who wore the jersey with ‘Build the Wall’ said. “Nobody really had any opinions until the next day when I saw my phone and it was blowing up on Twitter.”

‘Build the Wall’ jersey at #Kings game sparks outrage. Wearer says it’s just for laughs https://t.co/Oih6bzh8lc

— The Sacramento Bee (@sacbee_news) February 13, 2019


Snowflakes Melted Down

Some people who saw the image on social media claimed “Build the Wall” is an “inherently racist phrase,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

“This is NOT Sacramento,” one viewer seethed. “This is not what my city stands for or what we as fans stand for. This is pure hate. And it’s disgusting.”

“Makes me want to puke,” another tweeted.

The Bee even went so far as to check the rules for fans on the Kings and their arena’s website, noting the only rule pertaining to clothing states: “There will not be any obscene or indecent messages on signs or clothing.”

How long before those calling ‘Build the Wall’ racist complain to the Kings organization that these jerseys were offensive and they get banned from the arena?

As per usual, the left spent most of their angst due to the conflation of illegal and legal immigration. Pete Molinelli, who wore the “Trump” jersey which incidentally had the number one on it, said he wasn’t against immigration.

“The wall is about illegal immigration and the border, and I support that,” he told reporters. “At least we got people talking.”

Got them whining and crying too, apparently.

Yep. I’m like 15 rows behind these guys and wondered if I could hit em in the head with my shoe the whole game.

— Shelly Milcox III (@MilcoxS) February 10, 2019


Weird, I wonder how these people managed to get into the game. Did they have to enter through gates or certain points of entry? Did they have to provide proof that they belonged there in the form of a ticket? Did they have to follow rules and proper procedures to gain admittance, and have to comply with them in order to stay?

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