Broward County Election Supervisor Resigns As More Evidence of Fraud Surfaces in Florida

Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes tendered her resignation on Sunday as more evidence of fraud – including thousands of ‘missing’ votes and counting of wrong ballots – have surfaced in Florida.

The Florida recount effort has seen numerous instances of fraud, particularly in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Citing a “flawed process,” the New York Times on Friday reported that thousands of votes had simply disappeared during the machine recount of Florida’s midterm races.

That number is expected to climb by an additional 2,000 plus votes when Broward’s updated results are added to the count. Snipes had been accused of intentionally filing results two minutes past the deadline when she realized the numbers were going to make matters worse for the Democrat candidates.

She has since resigned as the glaring examples of fraud in Florida mount.

BREAKING: Brenda Snipes Submits Resignation as Broward County Supervisor of Elections

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) November 19, 2018


Snipes Reign of Fraud Is Over

While there remains plenty to be skeptical about with election officials in Florida, Brenda Snipes meddling in elections will likely end in January when she is expected to cede her post.

A brief history of Snipes inability to honorably oversee election results:

  • 58,000 absentee ballots lost in 2004.
  • 6,000 ballots illegally destroyed in 2016 after a judge ordered them preserved.
  • Sent out sample ballots that looked nothing like the real thing, confusing voters in 2018.
  • 2,040 ballots lost between the first count and the recount this month.

On that last point, Broward election officials chalked up the 2,000+ missing ballots to a “co-mingling.”

Snipes alleged that they were simply misfiled and still somewhere in her building, she just didn’t know where.

As of 1:30pm we still haven’t seen or heard from Dr. Snipes. The Canvassing Board gave her until 1pm to present her findings regarding 2040 missing ballots. At noon, the #Broward SOE asserted the missing ballots are in the building. But again, she has yet to reappear. #FLRecount

— Sarah Chakales (@sechakales) November 17, 2018

Even former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who appointed Snipes to fill the vacancy of Supervisor of Elections over a decade ago, called for her resignation.

There is no question that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes failed to comply with Florida law on multiple counts, undermining Floridians’ confidence in our electoral process. Supervisor Snipes should be removed from her office following the recounts.

— Jeb Bush (@JebBush) November 12, 2018


President Trump also slammed Snipes saying “bad things are going on in Broward County.”

Bad Things Are Going On In Florida

It isn’t solely Broward County where fraudulent activity has taken place. Palm Beach County may also want to look into their election officials behavior during the midterms.

From the Times report:

Palm Beach County found “dozens of precincts missing a significant number” of votes during the machine recount, according to the supervisor of elections, Susan Bucher, causing the county to conclude that entire boxes of ballots may not have been counted.

Not to mention the sheer incompetence being exhibited by some who don’t even know how to work the machines they’ve been tasked in overseeing.


— Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) November 17, 2018



At this point, it’d be difficult to understand how some officials in Florida avoid being charged with crimes. The fraud is that prevalent.

Palm Beach and Broward counties remain the gold standard of fraud thus far, but there’s certainly more to analyze here.

Democrats were caught in a scheme using altered forms to allow absentee ballots with ineligible signatures to be “perfected” after the deadline for submission had passed. An Obama-appointed judge then extended the deadline allowing those ‘perfected’ ballots to be counted. In Hillsborough County, when recount numbers weren’t going well for Democrats, they simply refused to submit the results!

Rick Scott gained 779 net votes in Broward and 146 in Hillsborough in completed recounts.

Both of these Dem counties then ditched their recounts and resubmitted their original counts instead. Blatant.

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) November 16, 2018


It seems there are plenty of election officials in Florida who need to follow Snipes right out the door.

Fraud Impacts Less Glamorous Races

It’s impossible to overstate why election fraud is such a problem in Florida as well as other areas across the country. It isn’t typically blatantly obvious cases that affect major races such as Governor or Senator that are the main problem. People are keeping their eyes on those for the most part.

Take, for example, the case of Matthew Caldwell, Republican candidate for Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture. Caldwell filed a lawsuit when he ended up trailing his race by a razor-thin margin of 0.06%. He was ahead by 40,000 votes on Election Day.

On Saturday, more Broward County trouble surfaced when 22,000 ballots abruptly stopped being counted in the Agriculture Commissioner’s race after volunteers mixed in envelopes meant for the Senate recount.

Caldwell’s story is an important reminder that Democrats don’t simply target big-name races for fraud, they do so with less grandiose titles and at lower levels as well.

Rick Scott (R) won his race for Senate despite their best efforts. Ron DeSantis (R) won his race for Governor despite the same.

Thanks to recounts in Broward and Palm Beach County, Caldwell is on the outside looking in.

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