File this one under ‘U’ for ‘Understatement.’

Fox News analyst Brit Hume offered a critique of Hillary Clinton’s speech by saying “she has a not-so-attractive voice.”

Which is sure to have him on the receiving end of all kinds of hate mail from feminists who believe criticizing Hillary’s incredibly shrill voice is sexist.

Watch the segment below …

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Via Mediaite:

Fox News’ Brit Hume immediately reacted to Hillary Clinton‘s DNC speech tonight by critiquing her tone.

While he did find the speech “workman-like” and very effective in going after Donald Trump, Hume said, “Making herself more appealing to the audience might not have done as well. She has a habit, when speaking, of breaking into kind of a sharp, lecturing tone.”

Hume said she came across as too loud sometimes and said, “She has a great asset as a public person, which is a radiant smile, but she has a not-so-attractive voice.”

He added that Clinton’s tone is reminiscent of being “called into the principal’s office to be read the riot act.”