The AP has just called the Republican Senate primary for Wendy Long.  She has defeated U.S. Rep. Bob Turner and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos in New York’s 20th District gute spiele kostenlos downloaden.

Readers were introduced to Ms. Long back in February when she first announced her plans to run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

According to a Capital New York report at that time, Long stated that she “was seeking to replace Gillibrand in order to return the country to its roots of limited constitutional government.”

… she attacked Gillibrand as “our former moderate upstate congresswoman” who entered a “political witness protection program” upon being appointed to the Senate, and “emerged as the most doctrinaire liberal in the Senate kostenlos kindle bücher herunterladen.

“Senator Gillibrand has been a compliant ‘yes’ vote for the liberal orthodoxy in Washington,” she said bus simulator vollversion kostenlosen. “That is, unless she’s complaining that the orthodoxy isn’t far left enough.” 

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Gillibrand should never be accused of moderation, having voted along party lines at a rate of 97%.  Long concurs, labeling Gillibrand as an ‘extremist’ whatsapp herunterladen wie.

So what makes Long a better option for her district?

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“I’m basically running on the economy and jobs and the skyrocketing national debt and the failure of Gillibrand and other members of the liberal establishment to get the budget under control,” she said of her campaign platform herunterladen.

She also mentioned the Keystone Pipeline, and the “heavy hand” of government regulation. 

In a letter to Republican county leaders she wrote:

“I am the most effective advocate to take the fight to Gillibrand on behalf of all of us New York Republicans and Conservatives,” Long writes herunterladen. “I look forward to calling on the many friends that I have made in my work in politics and the law at the highest levels, both in New York and nationwide, for their support in my campaign youtube musik sicheren. I have signed on the best talent in the country to run my campaign. I understand the monumental task of running against a Democratic incumbent in the state of New York wie viele serien kann man bei netflix herunterladen. We will have to run fast and fight hard, but we can win. We need to use new messages and new strategies to win New Yorkers who are used to voting “D” over to our side.”

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Can she send the nation’s most liberal Senator packing in November herunterladen?  It will be an uphill battle, as Gillibrand has greater name recognition and a sizable war chest.