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BREAKING: U.S. Capitol On Lockdown As Protests Erupt, No One Let In Or Out


There for a moment because we have some breaking news. We want to bring in Chad Pergram as this is developing right now. I understand the capital is now on lockdown.

> They have annunciator’s, these U.S. Capitol police devices which are stationed around the building. It went off a couple of moments ago. They’re locking down the capitol complex, no one is allowed in or out. They locked down, evacuated the cannon house office building. Junior members have their offices and across the street from that they have evacuated the Madison library. They then reopen that building, the cannon house building and then we got word that they were asking people to stay out of the building and relocate to the Rayburn building and the building down the street. These are also house office buildings. I was outside before the joint session started and they were closing off the plaza. There has been a radical misinformation that’s been going on, trying to figure out what happened, but there is a coterie of numbers, bill Huizinga coming across the street and they said, they’re closing off the plaza, they’re not letting anybody in. I said, even the members? They said, yes. I want the long way across the other side of the street and went that way. Right now they’re not allowing anybody. They’re very concerned about this issue. I should point out that right now since I’ve been on the air, the Senate has recessed subject to the call of the chair. We are not quite sure if that is because of the security issue as they go through the debate or if may be they’re done without debate. You don’t have to consume the entire two hour window, the House of Representatives. Paul Gosar who is a Republican congressman, he was the lead petitioner launching this challenge to the Arizona slate of electoral. There is a lot of concern outside the building. There is protesters gathering along the cannon house office building and that is why they’re locking this down. They want to keep people away from the capital so they can conduct this very important business under the 12th amendment to the Constitution. This is a constitutional function in the 12th amendment, spelling out what has to happen on this date according to the electoral count, on the 6th of January and taking care of this afternoon, whether they accept or reject these votes from Arizona. And potentially five other states, we are being told they might only challenge three. This is a rather remarkable security situation where you’ve had this thrust of people come down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House where President Trump was having his rally. And people surrounding the capital. I can count on one hand and on one or two fingers how many times I’ve ever seen members of Congress not being allowed onto the capital plaza. They always give them the deference to come and go when they need to. That told me a lot about this severity and gravity of the security situation here.

>> Dana: Chad, we are watching

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