Police deployed to the U.K.’s Manchester Arena in response to reports of explosions at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday, according to various reports.

Greater Manchester police confirmed on Twitter that police responded to the “incident” on Monday and have warned citizens to stay away from the area. Details surrounding the incident are limited, although several eyewitnesses report hearing the explosions. Police reported “a number of confirmed fatalities and others injured,” but did not offer specific numbers or details, noting a “casualty bureau” will be released soon.

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Two loud explosions were reportedly heard, causing attendees to flee the large venue. At least one bystander appears to have captured video footage.


A convoy of ambulances were dispatched in response to the attack in order to care for the dead and wounded.



Eyewitness Hannah Dane told the Guardian there was “quite loud explosions heard from inside the Manchester arena and it shook, then everyone screamed and tried to get out.”

Dane said some witnesses fleeing the venue were shouting that there was a bomb and “also a shooter.”

The cause of the explosions is thus far unclear.

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