Brain Drain: Pelosi Bungles 20 Words in Brief Presser [Montage]


PELOSI: “For the special interest, mortgaging the future — our future with their tax scam. (…) In addition, instead of enabling the Secretary of HHS to negotiate for lower progr — prescription drug prices (…) Today — Monday, not today, Monday marks the 53rd year — 53rd anniversary. (…) They’ve had it in the Ryan budget again and again, but don’t — don’t just rest on that. (…) Send jobs overshees (…) On the — on that money (…) Over $2 trellion in cuts. (…) President Trump is disgreat — disgraceful, dangerous… (…) — elections by filing a rot — resolution. (…) Three election technologies — did you know this? Three election technology vendors. (…) Or protecting our democracy from Russia on ho — lowering prescription drug costs and rebuilding America. (…) Over the weeks, House Dem — coming weeks, House Democrats will continue…that drumbeat across America. (…) In — apprehensions, their hopes and dreams and fears. (…) The President p — p — presents himself in such a dangerous, destructive and disgraceful way. (…) On the purp — when it comes to raising wages, lowering… (…) He said wouldn’t instead of would or would instead of wouldn’t, whatever that — whatever that…was. (…) How do you explain that? You have to — we have to defend the Constitution and see if we take. (…) We didn’t even know about this yesterday, but it isn’t my talking point. People care about…”

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