A young man anticipating the arrival of Mike Pence in Billings, Montana on Tuesday, passed out due to the heat and had a VIP rush to his aid – the Vice President himself herunterladen.

Pence was in town to campaign for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, as well as to hail GOP tax cuts the Trump administration helped pass downloaden youtube pc.

He spoke for roughly 20 minutes at a reception line on the tarmac where the young man fainted just before he approached to meet and greet visitors sims 3 pferde sachenen.

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“VP Pence brought a halt to the normal arrival ceremony and moved behind the rope line to check on a young man who had fallen to the ground in the middle of the heat while greeting Air Force Two on the tarmac,” KBUL reported herunterladen.

“As paramedics checked on the young man, Pence kneeled down to check in and make sure he was ok.”

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He stepped aside as EMT members tended to the boy, but continued to wait patiently nearby iphone mail anhänge nicht herunterladen.

As a result, the young man managed to get a once-in-a-lifetime photo with the Vice President, even flashing a trademark Trump thumbs-up gesture to indicate he was okay herunterladen.

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This kind of reaction to supporters in need of medical attention seems to be a common thread out of the Trump circle herunterladen.

Earlier this month, Eric Trump played the role of good Samaritan when he ran through and dodged oncoming traffic to flag down a passing ambulance, aiding a woman who had passed out near a train station panorama foto gratisen.

In April, the President himself stopped speaking at a rally in Michigan when he noticed a woman in need of medical attention, called for a doctor, then praised those who had come to her aid coop app herunterladen.


Seems like the administration and members of Trump’s family make a habit out of helping others, then putting the spotlight on first responders as the true heroes.

After tending to the boy, the Vice President made another special stop on the tarmac. He walked right over to deliver a special greeting to Navy SEAL Bo Reichenbach, who lost both of his legs during service in Afghanistan.


Vice President Pence is scheduled to attend a rally for Rosendale Wednesday morning. His Democrat opponent in Montana, Jon Tester, remains favored in most polls, though Rosendale said he’s grateful for the national support.

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