Both Parties Agree: This Woman Might Be Our First Female President

Unlike the two-time failure in Hillary Clinton, there is one woman on the political scene who is uniting both parties around her as possibly the first female President of the United States.

And her name is Nikki Haley.

Haley raised her public standing very recently with her role in bringing together two world leaders in President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un for a historic summit.

The former South Carolina governor echoed the actions of the President in playing a behind the scenes role in trying to establish peace, while publicly reminding North Korea that they would be decimated in any military conflict with the United States.

“Make no mistake the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed,” she famously declared.

Meanwhile, a U.S. official revealed “Ambassador Haley’s diplomacy behind the scenes, in particular with the Chinese ambassador here, as well as the Russian ambassador, made it very, very clear that we were not kidding around.”

She’s also been a stalwart defender of the United States and her closest ally, Israel, in front of a hostile United Nations. Her efforts are being noticed by both Democrats and Republicans.

.@JessicaTarlov: People on Both Sides Believe @nikkihaley Could Be First Female President @OutnumberedFNC

— FoxNewsInsider (@FoxNewsInsider) June 13, 2018


Jessica Tarlov, a liberal political strategist, and commentator for Fox News believes Haley could shatter the glass ceiling and become the first female president.

She’s heard similar sentiments on both sides of the political aisle.

“I’ve actually heard a lot of people on both sides of the aisle say if we’re going to have our first female president, it could very likely be Nikki Haley,” Tarlov said.

She added that Haley is definitely “a force” that “can cut across Democrat Republican lines of communication.”

The idea led to support from social media users who saw the segment.

God I hope so. Nikki Haley is one of the most bad ass people on the planet.

— Alex Varney (@TheAlexVarney) June 12, 2018

Ambassador Nikki Haley is the strongest woman in American politics today. There is little doubt that if she won, she would make a fantastic president. I’ve been hoping for this to happen for years. Looks like America wants it too.

— Tyler Grant (@The_Tyler_Grant) June 12, 2018


Of course, this all hinges on one particular caveat … President Trump’s second term.

Absolutely! I’d vote for her in a heartbeat! Right after Trump’s second term!

— Gilbert Nichols (@tallmanpromo56) June 14, 2018


While Barack Obama is busy holding secret meetings with Democrat challengers for the presidency, Haley quietly reminded us why she’d make a better President in a statement to the United Nations in May.

“We care more about being right than popular and are once again standing up for our (American) interests and values,” she said.

What Democrat is going to do that? Certainly not one being offered advice by Obama.

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