Boom! FBI Reopens Search For Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting Documents

The FBI has reportedly “reopened” a search for records pertaining to the meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac of a Phoenix airport.

The 2016 meeting appeared to show impropriety on the part of the Obama AG and the husband of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who was at the time being investigated for her use of a private server to handle classified material.

The FBI is searching for documents requested in a FOIA inquiry made by American Center for Law and Justice President Jay Sekulow.

The FBI and DOJ both initially claimed that there were no documents pertaining to the meeting.

The ACLJ is reporting that the FBI is reopening its FOIA request into the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting… More at 10pm #Hannity

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) August 16, 2017


Somehow, magically, they’re doing an about face on that claim. Perhaps they should have wiped the documents ‘like, with a cloth’ or used Bleach Bit.

Via Fox News:

The FBI has “reopened” its consideration of a request for records on the infamous 2016 tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton, the group behind that request told Fox News.

American Center for Law and Justice President Jay Sekulow called the development a “positive sign,” in an interview Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

Sekulow said the FBI sent him a letter saying it had reopened his Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to the June 2016 meeting. At first, the FBI and DOJ said they did not have documents detailing the tarmac meet-up, before recently releasing a batch of emails. They are now searching for more records.

Sekulow has labeled the move “unprecedented.”

On his radio show, Sekulow said “Unprecedented move, the FBI, after denying that the documents existed with regard to the conversation between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton that took place on that tarmac in Phoenix–the FBI reverses itself.”

“Why did they reverse themselves?” he rhetorically asked. “Quite simply. Because we got documents through a court order from the Department of Justice that there were in fact FBI documents that they denied exist.”

“The FBI lied to us there’s no question about that,” Sekulow concluded.

Trump Attorney: FBI does unprecedented reversal of FOIA request on Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting after they were caught lying @JaySekulow

— Cristina Laila (@cristinalaila1) August 16, 2017


Sekulow recently made a shocking claim that he had discovered an email that connects the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting directly to the Obama White House.

Will the FBI find documents that will finally expose the truth behind the Lynch/Clinton tarmac scandal? Share your thoughts below!

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