Will Joe Biden defeat President Trump?


BONGINO: “Then we’ve had CNN giving a platform to the hostage-taker spokeswoman from 1979 in Iran. And then finally we have them parroting almost without question the Iranian line that the takedown of this passenger jet was an accident. There’s no evidence it was an accident. We don’t know that. How about you get back to journalism and tell the American people the truth. What’s happening is really shameful right now.”

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KILMEADE: “The president shouldn’t need to even legally say it’s a threat. Soleimani just threatened us three days before he was behind the attack of our embassy. And who would think that he is going to give up attacks after that? He lands in Baghdad. The president had every right to take him out. I don’t even know why he brought up imminent threat.”

BONGINO: “Brian, the imminent threat was Soleimani having a pulse.”

KILMEADE: “His resume.”

BONGINO: “Listen, I did this for years at the highest levels in the Secret Service designing security plans in some of the world’s hot zones. It’s not me trying to pat myself on the back. The taxpayer paid for it. It was a great job. I’m not trying to be anybody’s hero here, I’m just suggesting hey, listen, do we do this or do that if they are going to attack now or if they God forbid try to attack the president and their operation tomorrow? I mean no. You evaluate a threat for being dangerous based on past history and you need to take action. This is common sense. Only a moron would think otherwise.”

EARHARDT: “The Protesters in Iran are now saying death to Ayatollah. They want the regime to change. So we’ll continue to follow that story.”