Will Joe Biden defeat President Trump?


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>> Look, exceed 1% of the Trump donors are small donors, $200 or less herunterladen. The Democratic Party and this has been the real change that is not talked about a lot. It used to be that Wall Street billionaires gave to the Republican Party das tagebuch der anne frank kostenlos downloaden. But for a variety of reasons over the decades, they are now all Democrats. Hollywood and Wall Street, the Big Tech, et cetera, et cetera. It is the little guy, the working American giving to Donald Trump gratis schnittmuster kinder downloaden. And I have to laugh because Joe Biden has 100 people show up for a rally. I was at the Hershey rally the other week with President Trump, 12,000 people totally filled the arena with thousands outside in the rain https /www.netflix. What does that tell you?

>> Dan: Jeff, there were more people in the line of the bathroom at Trump’s rally than at Biden’s rally love tester kostenlos herunterladen. I’m only half kidding because it is probably true. But Sarah, this thing with Biden is becoming like really come a most painful to watch. The former Secret Service guy, you get to know some of these people personally and I was on the president’s mama but it is painful to watch, this guy is to be the safe pick, the Mitt Romney snipping tool windows 10 kostenlos herunterladen. And he can’t even get an Endorsement for a guy he served for eight years as vice president? This has got to be humiliating for this guy.

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>> Look, President Obama knows him well ravensburger tiptoi software. He spent enough time with him. It is embarrassing. It is gut wrenching to watch vice president Joe Biden and clips of him talking about foreign, the hairy situation gambio. And so you know President Obama, he has a realist. He is saying, this isn’t going to happen. This is the guy for the party. But the problem is you have people like Elizabeth Warren for limousine liberals in Hollywood and what Jeffrey ward was talking about, basically telling the American people, this is how you need to operate herunterladen. We believe in socialism for you, just not for us and Jeffrey is right. More people are supporting President Trump, coming out in droves, spending two nights just to see him speak herunterladen. These are regular folks because the regular Americans, he connects with people and they were not connecting. They don’t have a platform.