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Bongino: Defunding Police ‘Complete Insanity … Single Most Catastrophic Public Policy Decision’

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Lauren green, thanks so much. Meanwhile, here is the headline, this is how it is going over defund the police. Here is the “New York post” headline basically de Blasio betray us. As I take this gradually down. The point is over 300. That’s a conservative estimate, Dan Bongino as we bring you in. Officers have been hurt during these 14 days of protests and sometimes riots. You’re a former NYPD officer. You are former Secret Service. You live and breathe service issues. They are not all perfect. Did you ever think we would get to this. I look at the way the NYPD is acting and I think they have too much money?

>> You know, Brian, if this goes through, this defund the police abomination, it will be and this is not hyperbolic, the single most catastrophic deadly public policy decision we have seen in the modern history of the united States. Make absolutely no mistake about it. People will die. Real people. Not Hollywood nonsense. Not movie types. Real people, kids, teenagers and adults will die. Think about the continuum from low level property crime to murderer he is and terrorists. The message that sends to all of them go. From the low end first. Why even bother paying the train fair. Jump in the turnstile, get rid of the turnstile. Who is going to pay. They will pay because they are going to do the right thing. Really? Are you sure about that. Most people are going to walk right through. What kind of a message do you think this sends to a murderer or a terrorist or a gang member or a drug dealer slinging crack on the corner of a neighborhood? Now that the police are gone, do you think they goal to the local social worker? Listen, God bless social workers as I said this weekend on “Fox & friends” and I mean it, they do great work. They are entirely completely 1,000% unprepared to go face to face with a murderer or a terrorist and try to use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to talk them out of killing people. Brian, this is complete insanity. I lived through the exact opposite with Rudy Giuliani when he bumped up the police force and said we going to cut off every low-level crime. I assure you chaos will result. Steve: Dan, there is another story we want to ask you about and we know this is going to get a reaction from you. In Providence, Rhode Island, there is a firefighter who is allegedly pulled over by the police. He had participated in some of the protests. And then he told his story about you felt like he had been racially profiled. Well then there is a doughnut shop in the area called Alli’s donuts. They decided they were going to end the discount for law enforcement. And they posted this on Saturday. Until local police takes action to solve problems with racism and injustice, Alli’s donuts will choose to stand with the people of our great state. We no longer offer military or police discounts. Here is the thing about the discounts. Apparently usually according to the local paper there, the police officers would not even take the discount. They would insist on paying full price. But, nonetheless, Al Alli’s is making this police.

>> Most police officers are prohibited from taking those discounts anyway. The point is they were trying to send a statement this place. And it’s clear. That statement is obviously anti-police. Steve, let me ask you an obvious question. We all agree stereotyping is wrong. Every sane person understands you don’t base it on job. You ways it on individual characteristics and action. Sane, ethical morally upstanding thing to do. What I don’t understand by trying to face down racial inequality and stereotyping. You are stereotyping the cops? I’m serious. I’m just asking people for a second. Especially the liberals listening to take off, you know, the dunst cap for a moment and think about it logically. We all agree stereo typing and racial is wrong. There was no disagreement about what happened to George Floyd. Why are you stoking division by attacking all cops which 95% of them are really good people. Moms and dads. I said once, keep this in mind. This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. I said to Ainsley a long time ago after talking about sadly another story about a police officer being killed. I said you know I get a text about two or three times a year from a friend of mine in the NYPD who has since retired about someone I knew or someone I knew knew someone else is now dead. Either I went through the academy with them. In a precinct with them trained with them. About two or three times a year. Dead, shot or something else. Think about if that was your job. Imagine going to work every day a co-worker killed, maimed or shot or attacked in the line of duty? How would you feel? That’s the life of a cop every sin day. Keep that in mind when you stereotype every single one as a thug while trying to fight against racism. What are you missing here? Ainsley: Dan, in Minneapolis, they want to disband, no more police. Police-free. In New York, they want to reduce funds and redirect funds. The doughnut shops, there are other restaurants we have been reporting on, too. That are no longer offering discounts. Not only for police officers, law enforcement, but military. So what do we do? Obviously we need to have conversations. There needs to be reform. Disbanding is completely different than reducing funds. What are your thoughts? How do we change what’s been happening?

>> You know, Ainsley, I’m sorry to tell you I don’t know what we can do anymore. I don’t know what we can do anymore. We put throughout that, yes. There are obviously bad apples in policing. Yes we have civilian complaints review boards. Yes, oversight of police officers is clear. We need that I’m a libertarian at heart. But the statistics don’t marry up. And it doesn’t seem to be getting through with some people on the left with a divisible agenda. They are absolutely committed to systemic racism monologues and talking points despite the fact that when you say to them you understand the system you are talking about is run by Democrats and liberals, right? Then they turn around and call you a racist? How do you have a reasonable conversation. When I say I used to respond to domestic violence situations? They’re the worst. Ask any police officer. The absolute worst. When you walk in that house and see the kid grilled in my head 5-year-old kid sigd in the corner cowering and his father just lost it. And you are sitting there between preventing that chaos or death that would have occurred. Who do you think so is going to stop that? Again a social worker is going to walk in there? I’m sorry, folks that’s not the way the real world works. You have to get out of the cacoon you live in and seat world for what it is not for what you want it to be. Brian: Dan, thanks so much.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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