Bongino: China Found ‘Our Weak Spot’ In ‘Identity Politics,’ Media ‘Useful Idiots’ Helping

Bongino: “It’s a virus in China. This racist stuff is just China poking our weak spot. This identity politics crap, they knew the media would lap right up and it’s really a shame.” china media

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BONGINO: “Because the Chinese propagandist, and I want to be clear, I’m talking about the government not the people who have been victims of this regime for decades now. People in Hong Kong and people in China as we have been seeing them protesting in the streets for their freedom from this tyranny. What standing is how easily the useful idiots of the media, and never has that term been more useful than now, picked up on what we know, unequivocally to be Chinese propaganda efforts to hide, to hide the origin of this virus. No one in epidemiology has done this before and called it naming of a virus based on its region of its origin no one is ever called it racist. Not Spanish flu, not German Measles not Lyme Disease, the Chinese found our weak spot though. They found Identity Politics. A welcome trend weapon used by the left in the media to bludgeon anyone telling the truth. Just giving one second, this is important. I know you know this, this is not about a name, I don’t care what you call it it’s not about a name. This is about the freedom to speak the truth. And the Chinese know they can weaponize our ability to use our media to get us all to silence ourselves, to let the facts disappeared down a drain here. So that accountability doesn’t happen. I’m begging anyone out there it’s not about a name. The president is not going to the Chinese virus because he has any raisins tendency prayed that’s nonsense. He’s calling at the Chinese virus because the truth matters where this came from. It is not a reflection on the people of China. Seven to radical regime that releases plague on the world. I’m begging these useful idiots to stop facilitating this ridiculous propaganda effort and just tell the truth. It is a virus from China.”

Jesse: Do you think they are aware that they are being played by the Chinese? Or do you think they may be no, but they don’t care because they are using it as an opportunity to whack the president for being so called racist? china media

>> With me being a former investigative person here reason matters. I mean it because I just don’t know. I don’t know why they are doing it. I don’t know. Some of the explanations could be more malicious than others. I hate to put it out there. It seems like the media’s priority right now our number one, advance Chinese propaganda, never to dump on Trump and then number three, maybe once in a while get some accurate information out about really what is turned into not just the healthcare crisis, but a financial economic crisis as well. Has the media thought any of this through? You know their priorities right now? Yeah people are going to be struggling for the next meal and just a matter of days if not now. And you are concerned about what scientists call a virus that originated from China? I mean, this is just — we are living in the dumbest of times. This is a time for the adults to stand up. I want to say and I mean it, I applaud the president for understanding that this is a bigger fight. This has nothing to do with me it has the two with the truth of free speech. We are not going to be subjected to Chinese overlords about how we get to the bottom of the truth about how this plague was released on the world. I am not doing it, sorry. I would quit my job first, I am not doing it, no way. Before I would call the Chinese virus but once I wrapped my head around I’m just not flexible enough to Pivot. I have to stick with what’s in my head. But it is true. And we have to speak the truth.

>> It’s a virus in China. This racist stuff is just China poking our weak spot. This Identity Politics crap they knew the media would lap right up and it’s really a shame. Jesse: Useful idiot that’s the best way to do it to describe it. china media

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