Bloomberg Rips Liberal College Campuses For Intolerance and Censorship

It’s not very often we see eye to eye with former mayor Michael Bloomberg, but he went on an epic tear yesterday at his Harvard commencement speech, ripping today’s liberal academia for their intolerance of ideas, their censorship of opposing viewpoints, and even compared today’s campuses to McCarthy’s Red Scare.

Via Business Insider:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg accused the entire Ivy League of liberal political bias during a particularly fiery commencement address at Harvard University Thursday.

“It is just a modern form of McCarthyism,” Bloomberg said of university “censorship” of conservatives. “Think about the irony: In the 1950s, the right wing was attempting to repress left wing ideas. Today, on many college campuses, it is liberals trying to repress conservative ideas even as conservative faculty members are at risk of becoming an endangered species”

Bloomberg then went on to call out the entire Ivy League, saying that during the 2012 presidential campaign, “96% of all campaign contributions from Ivy League faculty and employees went to Barack Obama.”  

There was more disagreement among the old Soviet politburo.”

He cited multiple examples of liberal intolerance in campus, including former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly who had his speech canceled when Brown University students shouted him down over opposition to his stop-and-frisk policy, Christine Lagarde where Smith College students signed a petition forcing her to withdraw, and most recently, Condoleezza Rice, an African-American woman who could not be tolerated on the campus of Rutgers University.

Meanwhile, another Ivy League school, Columbia University, has in their employ a Professor named Kathy Boudin, a former member of a domestic terrorist group, convicted murderer, and get this … somebody who once tried to blow up Columbia University’s Library.

Bloomberg was on hand to accept an honorary degree from Harvard, along with music icon Aretha Franklin and former President George H. W. Bush. He urged liberal college students and faculty to avoid sinking into the “tyrannical tendencies of monarchs, mobs and majorities.”

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