Charles Barron, a self-described member of the Black Panther Party, and current Democrat Assemblyman, is strongly considering a run for the New York Senate.

Barron has been urged by supporters to run for the vacancy left by former Senator John Sampson, who was recently convicted of lying to federal agents and could face 20 years in prison.

Via the Observer:

Does Charles Barron want an Albany upgrade?

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The Brooklyn assemblyman, a Democrat and self-identified Black Panther, is contemplating a bid to replace former State Senator John Sampson, who was forced from office following a conviction on federal corruption charges last week. Mr. Barron insisted he was waiting a few days to make a decision “out of respect” for Mr. Sampson’s family, but said his political organization, Operation P.O.W.E.R., urged him to get in the race last night.

“We did not want to be like political sharks,” Mr. Barron told the Observer this morning. “The organization wanted me to consider running and I told them that I would, that I would make a definite decision either by the end of this week or by the very beginning of next week.”

Barron, aside from being a member of the racist Panthers, is also well known for his support of dictators.  After winning his election for his Assembly seat in 2014, Barron lured Zimbabwe’s repressive President Robert Mugabe for a visit to Albany.

Mugabe has instituted a regime willing to “commit assault, torture, rape, extralegal evictions and executions without fear of punishment.”

Barron referred to Mugabe as a “freedom fighter.”

Barron has also frequently expressed great admiration for other world dictators, explaining that “all my heroes were America’s enemies.”

He remains a shining example of the kind of deplorable individuals voters put into office in the state of New York.

The special election for Sampson’s seat will likely be held in November, and Barron is considering a third party run.