No venue is untouchable for Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters who wish to protest police officers. Including, it seems, the officer’s wedding day herunterladen.

A group of protesters stormed into the wedding of one officer involved in the shooting of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man, in Sacramento earlier in the year herunterladen. Clark was shot eight times and killed after he ran from the police. Officers believed he had pointed a gun in their direction. Later investigation revealed that he only had a cell phone on his person from when you can cod mw.

The case led to numerous public protests throughout the city, one of which involved BLM leading a march that shut down Interstate 5 and prevented NBA fans from entering a Sacramento Kings game waltograph download kostenlos.

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The shooting remains under investigation.

A handful of protesters managed to track down one of the officer’s and found out he was getting married at a vineyard about an hour outside of the city on Saturday siedler von catan kostenlosen.

They showed up to the site a few hours early and crashed the room in which the groom and his groomsmen were getting ready.

“I just wonder if you started planning your wedding before you killed Stephon Clark or after?” a white female protester asked the officer in a video posted to social media herunterladen. “How have you been sleeping since March 18?”

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“You’re a murderer!” another shouted.

The kicker here – the officer is black traktor pro free download full version!

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When asked about their behavior, the BLM activists said officers “need to be approached in spaces where they’re a little more vulnerable.”

Sounds like a direct threat google document herunterladen.

“We’re not violent, we’re not gonna give to them what they brought to our community,” Tanya Faison, founder of the Sacramento chapter of BLM told reporters german top 100 single charts download kostenlos legal. “We’re not gonna hurt anyone but we are gonna make them uncomfortable, and they should because someone is dead.”


CBS Sacramento reports that residents didn’t find the invasion by BLM to be a positive step for anyone involved.

“No I don’t think it’s appropriate, that’s why I say there’s a time and place for everything,” one woman said.

“Certainly there’s a right to protest but I think there are limits when to protest in a public place and the right of privacy for your wedding,” another community member responded.


Crashing a private wedding marks an escalation in tactics used by BLM protesters who heretofore have stuck to blocking traffic or staging “die-ins.”

By contrast to this lunacy, organizers of a pro-Trump rally in September invited BLM activists up on stage after they crashed an event, and the two seemingly opposed factions engaged in dialogue that ended up with both sides cheering alongside each other.

That’s how you get people to listen to your cause. Dialogue, not disruption.

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