Bill Press: ‘Democrats Could Screw up a Two-Car Funeral’



PRESS: “I really admire what Tom is doing. I’m a more pragmatic approach to this which is with Susan. I do think there’s zero chance that this group of Republicans that now control the house will initiate —“

BRZEZINSKI: “You’re hearing nothing from them.”

PRESS: “I want to connect the dots and go back to the Supreme Court decision in Pennsylvania which is so extremely important. What most influences the makeup of this Congress are the district lines drawn state by state and what the Supreme Court is saying in a state like Pennsylvania which is 50/50 that to have 13 Republicans and 5 Democrats does not reflect the population of the state. In state after state they’re taking the power to draw those lines away from the state legislators and putting them like we have in California into a group of political experts or whatever who draw nonpartisan lines. That’s extremely important and that’s a first step and necessary step to getting to down the road impeachment. Susan, it will be day one of the new Congress I think if Democrats take control.”

BRZEZINSKI: “Some of that makes me nervous in that everyone says we’re getting ready for a massive wave. Are Democrats as ready for the mid-terms as we’re hearing?”

PRESS: “Let me say, Democrats could — look, Democrats could screw up a two-car funeral, right? They could clearly blow this. But right now, if you look, New Jersey, Virginia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, four big victories Democrats were not supposed to win. There have been 39 state legislative seats across the country, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Florida, flipped from red to blue since Donald Trump took office. That’s the beginning building of a blue wave.”

BRZEZINSKI: “Nobody should be too confident, I think. That’s what we’ve learned. Bill Press, what did we learn from the left?”

PRESS: “What we learned from the left is I’ve had a great run and a great ride. I think all of us had and I wanted to tell my story about growing up in Delaware, studying for the priesthood, going to California, becoming the chair of the Democratic Party, working with Jerry Brown, coming back here to California, great run at ‘Crossfire’ on CNN, here at MSNBC in this studio, Pat Buchanan and I, ‘Buchanan and Press,’ and then leading up to the Bernie Sanders campaign which was launched in our living room on Capitol Hill. It’s just a fun story, a great story. I hope everyone enjoys it. The best part of the book is there’s a blurb from Joe Scarborough on the back cover.”

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