Bill Clinton Just Told a Massive Lie About Benghazi – And We’ve Got the Proof

Bill Clinton has become more of a liability for Hillary on the campaign trail these days, going off-script to Obamacare as “crazy,” and watching ordinary citizens bring his sexually deviant history to light on TV.

Now he’s taken to a tactic perfected by his wife – flat out lying.

Clinton tried to run cover for Hillary’s time at the State Department in which she lost four Americans to a terrorist attack in Benghazi, saying it’s never been the job of the Secretary of State to provide security.

“We need to strengthen our security before going to a place where the government can’t protect you,” he said. “The Secretary of State has never been responsible for those decisions.”



That is categorically, undeniably false.

According to the State Department web page titled ‘Securing Our Embassies Overseas,’ it is the number ONE responsibility of the Secretary of State.

The statement reads –  “The Secretary of State, and by extension, the Chief of Mission (COM), are responsible for developing and implementing security policies and programs that provide for the protection of all U.S. Government personnel (including accompanying dependents) on official duty abroad.”

If that isn’t enough proof, how about the actual written federal law which outlines the role of Secretary of State:

22 U.S. Code § 4802 – Responsibility of Secretary of State

(a) Security functions

(1) The Secretary of State shall develop and implement (in consultation with the heads of other Federal agencies having personnel or missions abroad where appropriate and within the scope of the resources made available) policies and programs, including funding levels and standards, to provide for the security of United States Government operations of a diplomatic nature and foreign government operations of a diplomatic nature in the United States. Such policies and programs shall include—

(A) protection of all United States Government personnel on official duty abroad (other than Voice of America correspondents on official assignment and those personnel under the command of a United States area military commander) and their accompanying dependents;

(B) establishment and operation of security functions at all United States Government missions abroad (other than facilities or installations subject to the control of a United States area military commander);

(C) establishment and operation of security functions at all Department of State facilities in the United States; and

(D) protection of foreign missions, international organizations, and foreign officials and other foreign persons in the United States, as authorized by law.

The department website points out that the role of security for the Secretary of State increased after the 1998 embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya – when Bill himself was President.

At that point, it states, “security countermeasures for our U.S. missions overseas took on greater importance.”

Took on greater importance right up until Hillary Clinton failed to provide adequate security for Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty in the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi anyway.

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