And what of the millions of average men who will now be distraught?

Via the Sun:

BIKINIS have been banned from this year’s Miss World contest – to ward off Islamic hardliners in Indonesia who threatened Lady Gaga.

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The pageant is taking place in the Far East country for the first time and organisers are wary of upsetting Muslim fanatics.

In a bid to calm any tensions, the 137 women will ditch the traditional swimsuit round and instead wear more conservative outfits like sarongs.

The move comes after pop icon Lady Gaga was last year forced to scrap a gig in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

Dresses made of meat?  Yes.

Attractive swimwear?  Outrageous!

The threat is real, no doubt.  It was a mere couple of years ago that a teenager was stoned to death for taking part in a beauty contest.  But why allow the pageant to be held in an area where women specifically have their security threatened??

I sincerely hope none of the contestants uses the talent portion of the competition to release a YouTube video offending Muslims.

But then, what difference does it make?