Big Fan of Socialism? You Must Watch This Video

An organization ‘dedicated to promoting conservative issues’ has released a new video which shows the perils of supporting a President who espouses pro-socialism policies and platforms.

And it’s pretty scary.

If you have, as I do, friends arguing that the Bernie Sanders socialism rise is a good thing for America, then you must share this video.

Via a press release by America Rising Squared:

America Rising Squared today released a new web ad, “The Democratic Socialist Party,” highlighting how far Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are being pushed to the left by self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. Secretary Clinton has gone so far as to say that Bernie Sanders will be the first person she calls if she wins her party’s nomination.

The Democratic Party is now officially being taken over by opponents of America’s free enterprise system. And no matter who wins the Democratic nomination, the party they will lead has been pushed so far to the left that it would be virtually unrecognizable to its former icons like John F. Kennedy and even Bill Clinton.

You can check out the video below …

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