Biden’s Senate Papers to Remain Locked Up in 2020 – What Are They Hiding?

2020 wasn’t just the start of a new decade, it was also the time the University of Delaware was supposed to release Joe Biden’s Senate records to the public. biden’s senate papers

However, the HuffPost reports that Biden’s senatorial papers from 1973-2009 “will remain locked up for 2020.”





This is a bad decision that serves absolutely no public interest

— Sam Stein (@samstein) January 2, 2020

So at a time when there’s huge interest in Biden and his record, public won’t be able to see the papers from his decades in the Senate. Biden campaign didn’t reply for comment on whether they’d be open to having the university publish them sooner.

— Amanda Terkel (@aterkel) January 2, 2020


Biden could immediately authorize the release of these documents. So, the obvious question remains: what parts of his Senate career does he not want people to know about?

Is it because his Senate papers show how he supported the flawed NAFTA trade deal?

Is it because they’ll show how he earned the nickname “the Senator from MBNA?”

Is it because they’ll provide more insight into Biden’s work with segregationists including Strom Thurmond?

Or is it because the records will show more about “how Joe Biden’s policies made the opioid crisis harder to treat?”

Via the Republican National Committee biden’s senate papers

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