Biden Stutters, Stammers, Gets Lost During SC Campaign Event


BIDEN: “Some of the comments being made are close to rational. (…) Everybody, not just — not just one party — is this on? Not — can I turn this one on? I turned this one on, but I — there we go. Can you hear me now? Don’t do it, Joe. Go back to this one. (…) It’s not a joke. It’s not — not a joke. (…) His name was President Hu, not a joke, it was President Hu. (…) And what I did want to know is, is in fact our investment in your economy, is — is — is it okay? (…) No, I’m not being — I’m not being kidding here, okay? (…) In my state and yours they say, ‘The tree of liberty is watering the blood of tyrants’ — I mean, ‘Of patriots to take on the tyrants.’ (…) No, no, I’m not joking. (…) The Brady Bill, that’s the one with the background checks, I was able to get that passed early on. Mr. Brady, the guy who finally died, the guy who was shot with Reagan… (…) No, no, seriously. No, I really mean it. (…) I’m not joking. (…) So we should be sending social workers into poor communities and — and — and — and the communities… (…) No, I’m — I’m — I’m — I’m trying to be… polite about it. (…) Not a joke. It’s not a joke. (…) We now say, before we reach a point of no return in terms of making it irreverse — excuse me for standing in front of you, I apologize. By the way, my dogs, too, they don’t like him, man. She has ‘Dogs against Trump,’ I have two German shepherds. (…) …by the investments we can make and starting with just making sure we can — and we do it in terms of providing for charging stations in cities, towns, rural areas along highways. And — and the reason — anyway, because that’s, you know, Henry Ford what he most — he wanted to make sure there were gas stations. (…) You may recover — you may remember… (…) I’m — I’m not joking. (…) Since when is the E.U. our problem? I mean, I — I I didn’t — I mean, I don’t remember that happening. (…) And I can pay for everything, and that is — no, I’m serious.”

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