Had a Republican made this comment … War on Women wo kann ich musik kostenlosen!

Via the Huffington Post (h/t Weasel Zippers):

Vice President Joe Biden says many women who are raped or physically abused don’t report it because they don’t want, in his words, “to get raped again by the system.”

Biden says many women who are abused are ashamed and embarrassed ungarische volksmusik kostenlosen. He says it takes enormous courage for women to come forward and ask for help after being victims of domestic violence.

Biden spoke Wednesday night at a fundraiser at a Washington hotel for the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project star wars pictures for free. He says legal help for domestic violence victims is critical to freeing them from being imprisoned by their circumstances.

Biden says women are afraid to leave abusers because they’d be leaving their children behind rechtschreibung deutsch kostenlos downloaden. He’s touting the recently re-authorized Violence Against Women Act as critical to helping women escape violent situations.

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Who is the system, Joe?  Isn’t the system, government?  And if the system is committing such an act, perhaps it should be banned, no mods herunterladen?

Suffice it to say, a Republican making this comment would be pilloried for A) minimizing the crime of rape by comparing it to a bureaucracy and B) for daring to assert that he could possibly know what a woman feels like after being traumatized powerpoint design ideen herunterladen.

But this is the vice-president.  It’s just Joe being Joe.