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Beyonce and Jay-Z – Friends of the Obamas – Refuse to Stand During National Anthem

Musical power couple and friends of the Obamas, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, chose to remain seated during Demi Lovato’s stirring rendition of the national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl. beyonce jay-z

TMZ obtained photos and video of the two sitting as others around them stood for the anthem.

Lovato’s rendition of the song was by many accounts a terrific performance, harkening back to the legendary effort put forth by the late Whitney Houston in 1991.

The hip-hop moguls, however, weren’t motivated to stand, choosing to remain seated with their daughter, Blue Ivy.

“They clearly didn’t make an effort to get up during Demi Lovato’s performance,” TMZ reported. “A guy who appears to be a bodyguard of theirs was standing though, as was pretty much everyone else around them.”

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Obamas Are Big Fans

Michelle and Barack Obama are big fans of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, frequently filmed at concerts dancing to their performances.

In July of 2018, Rolling Stone magazine reported that the former First Lady had been spotted dancing “joyously to Jay-Z‘s ‘On to the Next One,'” which contains questionable lyrics interspersed with generous use of the n-word.

Barack has also been seen getting down at the music duo’s concerts.

Videos of Michelle attending a private birthday party for Beyoncé have also appeared online, as the two couples grew close after Jay-Z and his wife attended Obama’s inauguration in 2008, serenading the new first couple with a rendition of Etta James’s ‘At Last.’

Mrs. Obama even dressed up like Beyonce from her “Formation” video as part of the singer’s birthday celebration. In the video, Beyoncé controversially dressed like a member of the militant Black Panthers organization, while anti-police messages were seen throughout.

Slap at the Military beyonce jay-z

Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick caused controversy when he began kneeling for the national anthem before football games, claiming that it was a protest against police brutality and not a statement of disrespect toward the military.

This year’s game saw four centenarian World War II veterans honored by participating in the opening coin toss.


Yet, here were Beyoncé and Jay-Z, firmly planted in their seats as the nation’s anthem was being belted out by Lovato.

Jay-Z’s actions seem a bit odd considering he just entered into a partnership with the NFL, a move many believed was a slap in the face of Kaepernick.

“As long as real people are being hurt and marginalized and losing family members, then yes, I can take a couple rounds of negative press,” he said of the controversy.

You’re going to be taking a couple more now.

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