Beto: Wall Not Necessary Because ‘We Do Not Have’ a Problem at the Border

Appearing at a campaign event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke declared that a wall is not necessary since “we do not have” a problem at the southern border.

That would be news to a lot of angel Moms who lost their children due to illegal immigrants crossing the border.

“I’m here to tell you a profoundly positive story from the U.S.-Mexico border,” O’Rourke said without evidence. “We do not need any walls.”

He then pivoted to a point regarding eminent domain, in which he claimed that there is no problem – no problem with opioid trafficking, illegal immigration, or threats to the American people – coming from the southern border.

“The wall will be built well into the interior of someone’s ranch, someone else’s farm, someone else’s home,” he claimed. “You and I will be forced to take their properties to solve a problem that we do not have.”

Beto O’Rourke: “we do not need any walls,” “we do not have” a problem on border

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 21, 2019


We Actually Do Have a Problem

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that Democrat’s are running into problems claiming there is no crisis at the border when the numbers show otherwise.

“Democrats who have railed against President Trump’s national emergency as a manufactured crisis are facing a political dilemma as border apprehensions have spiked and are on pace for the highest level since 2008,” they wrote.

The problem ‘we do not have’ also resulted in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announcing last month that they had conducted the largest drug bust in their history, seizing 254 pounds of the deadly opioid fentanyl, enough to kill millions of Americans.

We’d say that’s a problem, Robert Francis.

“They don’t care about the most voiceless Americans out there who are dying from heroin,” conservative pundit Ann Coulter said, “who can’t support their families because they can’t get a good paying job because they’re being undercut by illegal aliens.”

Even former U.S. Border Patrol chief during Barack Obama’s presidency, Mark Morgan, outlined the dangers, claiming MS-13 gang members “laugh” at how easily they can cross illegally into the United States.

Thinks Walls Are Racist

Aside from glossing over a very serious problem that even Democrats have acknowledged in the pre-Trump era, Beto also believes walls are racist.

“When you begin with the premise that Mexico is sending rapists and criminals to the U.S. and you meet that with a wall, that wall in itself is a racist reaction to a racist myth that does not reflect the reality of this country at all,” he previously stated.

Fox News host Sean Hannity pummeled O’Rourke for dismissing a very real problem.

“I guess Beto isn’t paying attention to the Angel Moms and Dads who have lost their family members and their children from heroin overdoses,” he wrote. “Maybe he needs a long conversation with them, because their problems crossed our southern border.”

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